Quote and rates

My rates are calculated as accurately as possible and based in particular on the language combination required and the level of difficulty. Please feel free to send me your project and I will provide you with more precise details.

Even if I take on the responsibility of setting up a team of linguists for your translation needs and overseeing your requirements from the quote through to the delivery of the final texts, I am nevertheless and will always remain a translator and proof-reader, thus enabling me to follow your project with a precise overview of what is required and how it should be carried out.


Your communications reflect what your company represents, and as such you no doubt take a great deal of care to make sure that they convey their message precisely and effectively.

For example, your website or brochures are a crucial interface with your clients. As such, you cannot afford to dash them off in a few minutes, either in the original language or in translation.

Translations provided by Traductis will be carried out by experienced professionals who translate into their native language. Only that way can you be sure that every nuance in your documents will come through, with clarity, style and accuracy and taking into account the culture of the target audience.

Furthermore, each translation is systematically proof-read by a second translator. This extra check is a guarantee that the translation is a faithful representation of the original text while adding refinements in the target language.

Traductis regularly works in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require different language combinations however.


An editor quite simply provides you with an extra step of quality assurance.

As well as editing the translations which you ask me to carry out, I can also provide the same service for texts which you have written yourself or had translated by other professionals*.

Translators are first and foremost specialists in their native language, making them the ideal people to provide efficient and accurate editing/proof-reading.

*The aim of this service is to guarantee results that are of high quality. For translations which have not been carried out by Traductis and whose original quality is insufficient, it may be the case that I suggest re-translating the entire text.